Notice! You may have bought fake lavender essential oil! A few ways to distinguish the authenticity Jan 05, 2022

Lavender essential oil has increasingly become the new favorite of women's skin care. Lavender essential oil is refined from lavender. It can clear away heat and detoxify, cleanse the skin, control oil content, remove freckles and whiten, remove wrinkles and rejuvenate skin, remove eye bags and dark circles, and promote the regeneration and recovery of damaged tissues and other skin care functions. Lavender essential oil also has a calming effect on the heart, reduces high blood pressure, soothes heart palpitations, and is very helpful for insomnia. However, there are endless cases of fraudulent lavender essential oil. Did you buy real lavender essential oil? I'm afraid that on this point, everyone will also raise a question mark in their hearts. The editor will teach you a few tricks in this article in case you need it.

Xinjiang police, industry and commerce departments jointly investigate and deal with fake lavender essential oil

According to the Xinjiang Morning News, in July this year, Xinjiang police and industrial and commercial departments inspected some businesses in Xinjiang and found fake lavender essential oil in many shops. From the investigation and investigation, the fake lavender essential oil is filled with grape seed oil, and the counterfeiter will drop a few drops of lavender essential oil. The purchase price of each bottle of fake essential oil ranges from 10 to 20 yuan. Merchants will sell them at genuine prices. Sometimes they will also sell for a few yuan. At the most expensive time, they can sell for more than 200 yuan. According to reports, there are mainly three kinds of fake lavender essential oils found on the market, 10 ml, 20 ml lavender essential oil and 20 ml seasoning essential oil (including whitening, moisturizing and freckles, etc.).

Fake lavender essential oil will not only mislead consumers and affect the brand, but also after consumers buy fake essential oils, they will not achieve the effect of genuine products, and may also have a certain impact on the skin.

When buying lavender essential oil, how do you distinguish between genuine and fake?

Lavender essential oil is a very effective beauty product. It is clear to all of us about the role, efficacy and usage of essential oil, but how to distinguish its true from false? The following 5 small details will teach you to distinguish between true and false!

1. The International Aromatherapy Manufacturers Association strictly requires that only essential oils that are 100% extracted from natural plants and do not have any synthetic ingredients can be labeled "Pure Essential Oil". If only a small amount of essential oil components are added to the product, and the others are products of biochemical technology, then the product name can only be labeled with names such as "Aromatherapy Oil", "Aromatherapy Blend", and "Essence".

2. Product label and manual

a. Latin: In addition to the product name in English or French, it must also have the product name in Latin. This is because plants of different "genus and species" are subdivided in the same "complex" plant family, and these subdivided genera and species can only be distinguished by Latin names.

b. Purity: It is a very important consideration when purchasing essential oils. Some expensive floral essential oils, such as rose, have 2 different purity? 100% pure or 5% essential oil? to choose from, and the price difference between these two purity essential oils is very surprising. You must be aware of it when purchasing.

c. Place of origin: The place of origin must be indicated on the label or manual. Because the essential oils extracted from plants grown in different places sometimes differ greatly in quality and performance. For example, the best lavender essential oil varieties come from the southern highlands of France. Although lavender is also produced in other regions of France, its quality and function are not comparable to those of the southern highlands. Another example is chamomile. German chamomile is better in quality and price than Roman chamomile, and Roman chamomile is better than Moroccan chamomile.

d. Extraction method: The extraction method of the essential oil must be stated on the instruction manual. Some essential oils are very fragile and lose their physiotherapy properties when exposed to heat. e. Extracted parts: The different parts of the extracted plants will also affect the performance and quality of essential oils. For example: the petals of bitter orange tree can produce delicate and delicate bitter neroli essential oil, which is suitable for dehydrated and dry skin; the leaves produce orange leaf oil, which is suitable for oily and unclean skin; the fruit is extracted Orange oil is a good recipe for stomach nourishment.

3. Certificates or guarantees Due to the deteriorating quality of the living conditions on the earth, many essential oil manufacturers have begun to produce organic essential oils. Since the quality is relatively pure, the price is of course much more expensive than ordinary essential oils. If you purchase organic essential oils, you must recognize the "Soil Association.Organic Standard" and "Organic Soil Certificate" issued by the "International Organic Soil Association" and "International Organic Soil Association". replace.

4. Product packaging

Many high-end skin care products and cosmetics now adopt high-end anti-counterfeiting packaging, such as pasting anti-counterfeiting identification marks on the packaging, or adding laser film on the surface of the packaging box, and so on.

In response to the increasingly serious counterfeiting phenomenon in the daily chemical industry, Huagong Image has launched an overall solution for the daily chemical industry to meet the anti-counterfeiting and packaging needs of daily chemical products. By using laser holographic plate-making technology, HG Images produces anti-counterfeiting labels with holographic effects, which can be hot stamped or pasted on the outer packaging of daily chemical products, so that the product packaging has a unique anti-counterfeiting effect. At the same time, packaging film and wrapping paper with laser holographic effects can also be applied to the surface of the packaging boxes of daily chemical products, so that the packaging of daily chemical products exhibits the dynamic visual effect of laser holographic products. By adopting the above two methods, daily chemical products realize the integration of anti-counterfeiting signs and packaging, which can effectively maintain the brand of daily chemical products.

5. Bottled sunlight, light, high heat, and humidity will destroy the composition of essential oils, so essential oils must be stored in dark glass bottles. At present, most pure essential oils are bottled in dark brown, amber, dark blue, and dark green glass bottles. Among them, the dark blue and dark green glass bottles are more expensive, because their storage period for essential oils is 6 months longer than the dark brown and amber glass bottles.

6. Oil state Most essential oils are clear and transparent. When dripping on white paper, they will not leave any traces of oil stains after they evaporate; when dripping in clear water, they will instantly dissolve in water. Pick up the essential oil bottle and look at it. Except for a few essential oils such as sandalwood, frankincense, and myrrh, which may be a little turbid due to high iron content, the liquid in all essential oil bottles should be as clear as water.

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