• Cool air! These three places must not be
    Cool air! These three places must not be "frozen in autumn" Oct 13, 2021
    "Autumn freezes in the spring, and all diseases will survive." However, "Autumn freezes" does not mean that they do not keep warm at all. Experts reminded that the three parts of the neck, waist and kidney, and ankle should be "key protection" to keep warm. Because these three parts are on the main channel of the body's Yang Qi transportation, and there are fewer muscles and abundant blood vessels, they are the main physiological support points. Once cold, it will cause diseases in related parts. Warm the neck: coldness makes cervical spondylosis worse There are not a few people in the office who suffer from cervical spondylosis. They keep their head down or work in a fixed posture for a long time, so that the cervical spine is in a flexed position or certain specific positions for a long time. The neck itself is very delicate, coupled with the foundation of chronic strain. Therefore, once caught in the cold, it may cause contraction of blood vessels, neck muscle spasm, and nerve edema, induce cervical spondylosis or make the original cervical spondylosis worse. Keep warm "tips"-a scarf on top of a quilt. The easiest way to warm your neck is to wear a scarf or a turtleneck, etc., to protect your neck from exposure to prevent the cold from invading. In addition, you can also do the action of expanding the chest-raising the head-stretching the muscles and bones, that is, cross your hands and put it behind the neck, while expanding the chest, tilting the head back, and pushing the arms forward, so that the neck and the arms form a "resistance" trend. , So you can exercise the muscles of the head and neck. Warm waist: Innate love to be warm and afraid of cold The waist is a person's "top leader". Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the waist is the home of the kidney. The kidney is the innate foundation of the human body. The relatively high incidence of cold and damp low back pain in the elderly is mainly caused by wind and cold attack on the waist, which will be aggravated on cloudy and rainy days. For women, because they are in the veined area, the stagnation of Qi and blood stasis caused by cold in the waist will affect the functions of the reproductive system such as the ovaries, so it is necessary to pay more attention to keeping the waist warm. Keep warm "tips"-rub your hands and massage Shenshu points. In addition to wearing a waist protector to keep warm, you can also use manual massage to relieve the discomfort caused by cold. Cross your hands and rub them quickly. After the palms are warmed, cover them directly on the Shenshu point, warm the waist and kidneys with the heat from the palms, and rub them clockwise with both hands. Shenshu acupoint is what we commonly call the "waist eye". It is an important acupuncture point for protecting the kidney. It is located under the spinous process of the second lumbar vertebra, at the width of the left and right fingers. Warm your feet: cold e...
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  • China's National Day holiday
    China's National Day holiday Sep 30, 2021
    Due to China's National Day holiday, Haibei Flavor company has a holiday from October 1 to October 7, and works on October 8. We can reply to email during the holidays. If we fail to reply in time, we hope to forgive you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. ANHUI Haibei Corporation Add: Electronic Industrial Park, Economic          Development Zone, Hefei, Anhui, China. Tel: 0086-551-63653857/63739573 Fax: 0086-551-63632153 Website: http://www.haibeiflavor.com E-mail: info@haibeiflavor.com
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  • A domestic chip company that has only been established for 3 years, the yield rate has reached 99%, and SMIC is the second shareholder
    A domestic chip company that has only been established for 3 years, the yield rate has reached 99%, and SMIC is the second shareholder Sep 28, 2021
    In the only three years since its establishment, SMIC Shaoxing has made achievements in the semiconductor industry. It not only produces 70,000 8-inch wafers per month, but also has a 99% yield rate. The current achievements cannot be achieved without its own continuous development and the help of SMIC. After all, SMIC is its second shareholder, and its success is also for SMIC. A good thing. 99% wafer yield rate in 3 years my country is stepping up its independent research and development in the semiconductor industry, and has successively made breakthroughs in chip technology. Now more and more companies are beginning to invest in self-developed chips, not only to solve the problem of lack of chips, but more importantly, they want to seize the opportunity to occupy the market at this time. Among them , SMIC Shaoxing, which has only been established for 3 years, can achieve a 99% chip yield. It is understood that SMIC Shaoxing was established in 2018. The company's main business is foundry. Although it has been established in the semiconductor field for a short time, it has relatively advanced technology in chip technology. It is precisely because of this that with the continuous development of the semiconductor industry and the support of various national policies, SMIC Shaoxing has developed faster, allowing it to make breakthroughs in chip research and development. It is understood that SMIC Shaoxing has completed the debugging of the 8-inch wafer equipment chain, and has been able to produce 70,000 wafers per month, and the wafer qualification rate has reached 99%. According to the development of SMIC Shaoxing, if it can achieve more mass production of 8-inch wafers, then it can be developed in various fields such as automobiles and smart home appliances. The reason why SMIC Shaoxing can achieve such results is mainly because the country attaches great importance to the semiconductor industry, and in order to allow it to develop rapidly, the country has made many policies and investments to help domestic chip companies. These were extremely important to SMIC Shaoxing, which was in the early stage of development at that time. Another reason is that when SMIC Shaoxing developed 8-inch wafers, it happened to catch up with the shortage of wafer capacity. With such advantages, SMIC Shaoxing is well-known in the world, and it has occupied the market in related fields at an extremely fast speed. Moreover, through continuous improvement of SMIC Shaoxing, its products are of high quality and guaranteed. The most important thing is that they can meet customer requirements. SMIC Shaoxing's second largest shareholder In addition, SMIC holds 19.57% of shares in its enterprises. And it helped it expand its business just after the first phase was established. After SMIC invested 5.88 billion yuan in Shaoxing, SMIC received an 8-inch chip production line to provide cus...
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  • Essential oil is the
    Essential oil is the "soft gold" of skin care industry, OEM essential oil-HAIBEI Flavor Sep 18, 2021
    The main markets of essential oils are North America, Western Europe and Japan, which account for about 80% of the global market, with sales of about US $19.6 billion. At present, the capacity of China's cosmetics market is as high as US $80 billion, of which the share of essential oils is less than 2%. With the popularity of essential oils, consumers' awareness and the experience of European and American markets, Essential oil products generally account for about 30% of the cosmetics market. It is speculated that China's essential oil market has great potential, and with the sustained and rapid growth of China's economy, this market will continue to develop at a growth rate of 5%. China's essential oil industry has started! Haibei flavor is a professional spice company integrating planting, scientific research, production and trade. The raw materials are mainly the two major essential oil raw materials of international well-known essential oil manufacturers and VOA essential oil factory; It has been engaged in spice trade for nearly half a century and is a reliable source of essential oil origin; It has more than 150 kinds of essential oil raw materials, more than 80 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine oil, more than 20 kinds of natural plant base oil, and a complete range of essential oil raw materials. The essential oil refining process ensures that every drop of oil is of high quality. In terms of material selection, extraction process and oil yield, it strictly implements the current high industry standards; Equipped with advanced instruments and equipment and a number of patented extraction technologies to ensure the purity of essential oil; Essential oils have a complete variety, sufficient supply and excellent cost performance More than 200 kinds of essential oil raw materials, nearly 600 kinds of essential oils for you to choose from; It has a number of essential oil planting, refining and manufacturers to ensure production; More than 30 kinds of international certifications guarantee the quality of essential oils; Technical support and value-added services Provide customers with high-quality, safe and stable technical support and value-added services French perfumery and cosmetic research professor of Guangdong Pharmaceutical University, who has been engaged in cosmetics research and development for many years, have come to the research and development in person to provide customers with unique high-quality essential oil products and technical support.; The essential oil procurement / processing will be delivered by the wechat distribution system of golden egg mall to fully explore a broad market of essential oil for you; With one-stop service, it is easy to build the road to success. Today, shengmei really helps you get on the horse and gives you a ride.
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