• Haibeiflavor has launched a new 10ml beauty and skin care essential oil and a variety of aromatherapy essential oils
    Haibeiflavor has launched a new 10ml beauty and skin care essential oil and a variety of aromatherapy essential oils Jul 30, 2021
    What is essential oil Essential oil is a volatile aromatic substance extracted from flowers, leaves, stems, roots or fruits of plants by steam distillation, extrusion, cold immersion or solvent extraction. Essential oils are divided into diluted (compound essential oils) and undiluted (unilateral essential oils), such as cactus seed oil. Essential oils are highly volatile and will volatilize quickly once exposed to air. For this reason, essential oils must be stored in Sealed Dark bottles. What are the types and functions of essential oils Rose essential oil When used on the face, rose essential oil can help moisturize and moisturize the skin, effectively weaken the fine lines of the skin, and help the skin restore fullness and elasticity. At the same time, rose essential oil also has the effects of regulating endocrine and supplementing estrogen, which can effectively alleviate irregular menstruation and dysmenorrhea. However, it should be noted that rose essential oil cannot be used by pregnant women. Lavender essential oil Lavender essential oil has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects. It can effectively relieve the skin when used on the face. Lavender essential oil can be used after acne muscles or skin scars, burns and sunburn. At the same time, add a few drops of lavender essential oil to the aromatherapy lamp at night, which has a good sleep aid effect. It should be noted that people with hypotension and pregnant women cannot use lavender essential oil. Tea tree essential oil Tea tree essential oil has the strongest anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effect among all essential oils. After use, it can effectively improve the water and oil balance of skin, especially for acne muscles. It should also be noted that tea tree essential oil is not recommended for pregnant women. VIE Jasmine Absolute Jasmine essential oil has a good repair and conditioning effect on the skin, can effectively alleviate skin water shortage, aging and allergy, and can also effectively weaken scars and stretch marks. Using jasmine essential oil to massage the body can also promote breast secretion and plump the chest. At the same time, jasmine essential oil can also alleviate menstrual dysmenorrhea, but the same jasmine essential oil is not recommended during pregnancy. Geranium essential oil Geranium essential oil can reduce abnormal skin oil secretion and promote blood circulation, and can effectively maintain the water and oil balance of facial skin. At the same time, geranium essential oil also has good effects on irregular menstruation, menstrual pain, breast pain, dysplasia, etc., but it is not recommended for pregnant women to use Geranium essential oil. Rosemary essential oil Rosemary essential oil is effective in compacting skin and soothing physical discomfort. It can help skin become firming, and can also improve dandruff and migraine. It should be noted that rosemary essential oils are prohibited in pregnant women, hypertensive patients and epilepti...
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  • Greestals materials provides crystal cutting and processing services
    Greestals materials provides crystal cutting and processing services Jul 20, 2021
    Processing Service The company has an automatic diamond wire cutting machine suitable for cutting materials of different hardness, such as ceramics, crystals, glass, metals, rocks, thermoelectric materials, infrared optical materials, composite materials and biomedical materials. Mainly used for processing large-sized precious materials, the cutting size can reach 12". The automatic diamond wire cutting machine has high cutting accuracy and can meet the cutting of most materials. The automatic diamond wire cutting machine is a continuous cutting diamond wire cutting After the cutting program is set, the sample is continuously fed without manual adjustment. The size of the sample after cutting is highly accurate, within the range of ±10μm. The cutting line of the STX-1203 automatic diamond wire cutting machine adopts a single line to reciprocate The movement mode, the length of the usable line is long (≤150m), the service life of the one-time line is long, and the cutting efficiency is greatly improved. The tensioning wheel adopts the mode of pneumatic tensioning, and the size of the air pressure can be adjusted according to the thickness of the wire diameter , When the wire diameter is too thin, it can effectively protect the cutting wire from breaking due to excessive tension. When matched with a swing mechanism or a rotary swing mechanism, it can cut materials with greater hardness or require a higher sample surface. The machine has a wide range of use, which can cut larger samples as well as small samples. The design is exquisite, which meets the cutting requirements of most samples to a large extent. The company's automatic diamond wire cutting machine is suitable for cutting materials of different hardness, such as ceramics, crystals, glass, metals, rocks, thermoelectric materials, infrared optical materials, composite materials, and biomedical materials . The detailed parameters are as follows: product name Automatic diamond wire cutting machine main feature 1. The main motor drives the diamond cutting line to move down at a constant speed, and the material is fixed on the worktable to ensure stable cutting. 2. The worktable can be adjusted by 360 ˚ rotation manually or through program control . 3. The pneumatic tensioning system is adopted and imported pneumatic components are used to make the tensioning force more stable and reliable. . 4 , the PLC process control system and a large touch-screen, so that simple and quick. 5. All kinds of tooling fixtures can be designed according to your needs. Functional purpose 1. Ceramic materials: alumina ceramics, zinc oxide ceramics, zirconia ceramics, target ceramics, honeycomb ceramics, semiconductor ceramics, conductive ceramics, non-conductive ceramics, etc.; 2. Crystal material: graphite, silicon crystal (solar polysilicon, single crystal silicon), sapphire, alumina crystal, infrared glass crystal, al...
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  • Natural vanillin manufacturers recommend-Haibeiflavor
    Natural vanillin manufacturers recommend-Haibeiflavor Jul 02, 2021
    Vanillin, also known as vanillin, chemical name is 3-methoxy-4-hydroxybenzaldehyde, is an organic compound extracted from vanilla bean, a Rutaceae plant. It is white to yellowish crystalline or crystalline powder, slightly sweet, soluble in hot water, glycerin and alcohol, and insoluble in cold water and vegetable oil. The aroma is stable and not easy to volatilize at higher temperature. It is easy to oxidize in air and change color when meeting with alkaline substance. Vanillin has vanilla bean aroma and strong milk aroma. It is widely used in cosmetics, tobacco, cakes, candy and baked goods industries. It is one of the largest synthetic flavor varieties in the world. The industrial production of vanillin has a history of more than 100 years. The recommended dosage of vanillin in final flavored food is about 0.2-20000 mg / kg. According to the regulations of the Ministry of health of China, vanillin can be used in infant formula food, infant formula food and infant cereals (except infant formula cereals), with the maximum dosage of 5mg / ml and 7Mg / 100g respectively. Vanillin can also be used as plant growth promoter, bactericide, defoamer of lubricating oil, etc. vanillin is also an important intermediate of synthetic drugs and other spices. In addition, it can also be used as glazing agent in electroplating industry, as ripening agent in agriculture, as deodorant in rubber products, as anti hardening agent in plastic products and as pharmaceutical intermediates. China has become a big producer and supplier of vanillin. In 1983, China formulated the national standard GB 3861-1983 for vanillin products, and completed the revision of GB 3861-2008 in 2008. In the 2008 version of the standard, gas chromatography was used to analyze the purity of vanillin products, and the purity is required to be more than 99.5%. At the same time, the content of guaiacol, o-vanillin, 5-aldehyde vanillin and other impurities in vanillin products can also be analyzed, which is very beneficial to control the product quality[ 3] By the end of 2020, the global vanillin production is nearly 22000 tons, and China's vanillin production accounts for about 70% of the global total production. The production technology of vanillin products has reached the international advanced level. Vanillin products produced in China have the characteristics of good quality and stable performance, and the price of the same vanillin products is lower than that of foreign countries, so they have strong competitiveness in the global market. China's vanillin exports nearly 10000 tons a year, and enjoys a good reputation in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia and other places. Meanwhile, the annual consumption of vanillin in China is 2000-2500t by 2019. Among them, food industry accounted for 55%, pharmaceutical intermediates accounted for 30%, feed and flavoring accounted for 10%, cosmetics accounted for 5%. Haibei is a major supplier of natural vanillin and vanillin. At present, it has bee...
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