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The company has an automatic diamond wire cutting machine suitable for cutting materials of different hardness, such as ceramics, crystals, glass, metals, rocks, thermoelectric materials, infrared optical materials, composite materials and biomedical materials. Mainly used for processing large-sized precious materials, the cutting size can reach 12". The automatic diamond wire cutting machine has high cutting accuracy and can meet the cutting of most materials. The automatic diamond wire cutting machine is a continuous cutting diamond wire cutting After the cutting program is set, the sample is continuously fed without manual adjustment. The size of the sample after cutting is highly accurate, within the range of ±10μm. The cutting line of the STX-1203 automatic diamond wire cutting machine adopts a single line to reciprocate The movement mode, the length of the usable line is long (≤150m), the service life of the one-time line is long, and the cutting efficiency is greatly improved. The tensioning wheel adopts the mode of pneumatic tensioning, and the size of the air pressure can be adjusted according to the thickness of the wire diameter , When the wire diameter is too thin, it can effectively protect the cutting wire from breaking due to excessive tension. When matched with a swing mechanism or a rotary swing mechanism, it can cut materials with greater hardness or require a higher sample surface. The machine has a wide range of use, which can cut larger samples as well as small samples. The design is exquisite, which meets the cutting requirements of most samples to a large extent.

The company's automatic diamond wire cutting machine is suitable for cutting materials of different hardness, such as ceramics, crystals, glass, metals, rocks, thermoelectric materials, infrared optical materials, composite materials, and biomedical materials . The detailed parameters are as follows:

product name

Automatic diamond wire cutting machine

main feature

1. The main motor drives the diamond cutting line to move down at a constant speed, and the material is fixed on the worktable to ensure stable cutting.

2. The worktable can be adjusted by 360 ˚ rotation manually or through program control .

3. The pneumatic tensioning system is adopted and imported pneumatic components are used to make the tensioning force more stable and reliable.

. 4 , the PLC process control system and a large touch-screen, so that simple and quick.

5. All kinds of tooling fixtures can be designed according to your needs.

Functional purpose

1. Ceramic materials: alumina ceramics, zinc oxide ceramics, zirconia ceramics, target ceramics, honeycomb ceramics, semiconductor ceramics, conductive ceramics, non-conductive ceramics, etc.;

2. Crystal material: graphite, silicon crystal (solar polysilicon, single crystal silicon), sapphire, alumina crystal, infrared glass crystal, alumina crystal, silicon carbide crystal, cesium iodide crystal, etc.;

3. Glass materials: chalcogenide glass, optical glass, quartz glass, infrared glass, glass tube, etc.;

4. Metal materials: iron, aluminum, copper, titanium alloy, magnesium alloy and other metals and alloys, non-ferrous metals (zinc sulfide, ferrite), etc.;

5. Composite materials: PVC board, carbon fiber composite material, glass fiber composite material, etc.

6. Rock materials: precision cutting of natural rocks, jade, meteorite, peicui, agate, etc., precision slices of various high-value materials; geological light slices, geological slices (sedimentary rock, magmatic rock, metamorphic rock, ores), etc. .

7. Thermoelectric materials: bismuth telluride, lead telluride, silicon germanium alloy, etc.

8. Infrared optical materials: zinc selenide, zinc sulfide, silicon, germanium and other crystals

9. Biomedical materials:  bioplasticized specimen slices (human animal organs, jaw bone soft and hard tissue joint slices, implant observation, dental crown and bridge, tooth and other histological specimens); orthopedics soft and hard tissue joint slices (femur, hip joint) , Vertebral body and other fresh tissues and hard tissues, bone histological samples with implants, etc.); slices of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular stents, stone slices and other medical tissue slices;


Note: Precision cutting can be carried out if the material hardness is less than the diamond wire.

Technical Parameters

1. Power supply: 220V 50Hz

2. Power: <475W ( max )

3. Spindle motor: AC variable frequency motor, power 250W

. 4 , the Y , the Z , R & lt axis motor: precision stepper motor

5. Cutting wire speed: 0-8m/s adjustable, digital display

6. Total length of cutting line: ≤ 150m

7. Cutting wire diameter: ≤ 0.45mm

. 8 , the Y -axis travel: ≤ 300mm , digital

. 9 , the Z axis travel: ≤ 300mm , digital

10 , the Y , the Z  -axis feed indication accuracy: 0.01mm

11. Worktable angle: 0-360 ˚ , resolution 0.01 ˚ , digital display

12. Repeated positioning accuracy of worktable: <0.032 ˚

13. Cutting sample size: Ø300mm × 300mm ( max )

14. Tensioning system: pneumatic tensioning, the adjustment range of tensioning air pressure is 0-1MPa

15. Safety control device: automatic stop when disconnected, emergency stop switch

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