A domestic chip company that has only been established for 3 years, the yield rate has reached 99%, and SMIC is the second shareholder Sep 28, 2021

In the only three years since its establishment, SMIC Shaoxing has made achievements in the semiconductor industry. It not only produces 70,000 8-inch wafers per month, but also has a 99% yield rate. The current achievements cannot be achieved without its own continuous development and the help of SMIC. After all, SMIC is its second shareholder, and its success is also for SMIC. A good thing.

99% wafer yield rate in 3 years

my country is stepping up its independent research and development in the semiconductor industry, and has successively made breakthroughs in chip technology. Now more and more companies are beginning to invest in self-developed chips, not only to solve the problem of lack of chips, but more importantly, they want to seize the opportunity to occupy the market at this time. Among them , SMIC Shaoxing, which has only been established for 3 years, can achieve a 99% chip yield.

It is understood that SMIC Shaoxing was established in 2018. The company's main business is foundry. Although it has been established in the semiconductor field for a short time, it has relatively advanced technology in chip technology.

It is precisely because of this that with the continuous development of the semiconductor industry and the support of various national policies, SMIC Shaoxing has developed faster, allowing it to make breakthroughs in chip research and development. It is understood that SMIC Shaoxing has completed the debugging of the 8-inch wafer equipment chain, and has been able to produce 70,000 wafers per month, and the wafer qualification rate has reached 99%.

According to the development of SMIC Shaoxing, if it can achieve more mass production of 8-inch wafers, then it can be developed in various fields such as automobiles and smart home appliances. The reason why SMIC Shaoxing can achieve such results is mainly because the country attaches great importance to the semiconductor industry, and in order to allow it to develop rapidly, the country has made many policies and investments to help domestic chip companies. These were extremely important to SMIC Shaoxing, which was in the early stage of development at that time.

A domestic chip company that has only been established for 3 years, the yield rate has reached 99%, and SMIC is the second shareholder

Another reason is that when SMIC Shaoxing developed 8-inch wafers, it happened to catch up with the shortage of wafer capacity. With such advantages, SMIC Shaoxing is well-known in the world, and it has occupied the market in related fields at an extremely fast speed. Moreover, through continuous improvement of SMIC Shaoxing, its products are of high quality and guaranteed. The most important thing is that they can meet customer requirements.

SMIC Shaoxing's second largest shareholder

In addition, SMIC holds 19.57% of shares in its enterprises. And it helped it expand its business just after the first phase was established. After SMIC invested 5.88 billion yuan in Shaoxing, SMIC received an 8-inch chip production line to provide customers with chip-related equipment.

From this point of view, SMIC Shaoxing has achieved the first stage of victory, which will not only help my country's chip to have a certain degree of relief, but also enhance its position and allow it to occupy more markets in the semiconductor industry. Now in the semiconductor field, there is more demand for chips below 7nm.

Moreover, SMIC, as a major shareholder, can also allow its own production capacity to continue to rise when SMIC Shaoxing has achieved outstanding results, which has a very good role in promoting the localization of chips at an early date. China has been working hard on the road to 100% localization. Although it has been said before that the United States has begun to restrict the sale of 28nm chip manufacturing equipment, it has little impact on China.

A domestic chip company that has only been established for 3 years, the yield rate has reached 99%, and SMIC is the second shareholder

As China's independent research and development of chip technology continues to rise, SMIC will become the main enterprise of 100% localization construction. Moreover, SMIC Shaoxing not only has the support of SMIC's shareholders, but its establishment is also funded by the Shaoxing Municipal Government. It is precisely because of the support of the government and partners that SMIC Shaoxing's progress is getting faster and faster.

Concluding remarks

SMIC Shaoxing has achieved outstanding results in just three years, not only because of the support of the local municipal government and SMIC, but more importantly, the development momentum of my country’s semiconductor companies is very strong. I believe that with continuous advancement, my country can achieve Greater progress.

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