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Frbiz Report: China's Food and Beverage Industry Drives Flavor and Fragrance Industry Development
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BEIJING, Oct. 12 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Frbiz reports that in recent years, China's food and beverage industry has seen fast development. With theurbanization process continuing to accelerate and the structure of consumergroups changing, residents' consumption structure has changed from a survival style to that of enjoyment. In such a transformation process, the obviouscharacteristic is an increase in the consumption of animal food and milkproducts, such as meat and eggs. In the future, with China's rural residents'and low-income residents' consumption ability improving, food and beverageconsumption per capita will further increased.

In China, the development of the food industry drives food additivesresearch, development, production and applications. Currently, food additiveshave entered a mature and steady growth period. Flavors and fragrances have alsobecome seen steady development as part of the food additives industry.

By 2014, the food and beverage processing industry will still occupy the global flavors and fragrances market's biggest share. Analysis believe that therapid development of the food and beverage industry will stimulate demandgrowth, because of flavors usually used to conceal vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other additives' odors. In addition, fast food and otherconvenience food prevalence also will further stimulate flavors and fragrances'market growth.

The world spice industry's most developed countries are mainly the UnitedStates, Britain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, France, Germany and Japan. Butwith the spice industrial groups' mergers and reorganization, thesemultinational companies sales volumes are greatly improved, with more attentionand funds becoming available to scientific and technological innovation. Eachyear of R&D costs are usually around 5-10% of sales.

For food and beverage industry growth, China's domestic flavors andfragrances industry should seize this opportunity for fast development.

Under the food and beverage industry's fast development environment, theflavors and fragrances industry should seize the opportunity to make up fordeficiencies.

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